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What People Are Saying about Immersed in Christ...

Here are some responses from people who have used the plan either individually or in groups:


Here’s what I love about the program: it ensures that I keep seeking, learning and sharing about my faith. It doesn’t feel like a "program." It’s not a cookie-cutter approach, because everyone has a unique relationship with Christ. It’s not overwhelming. It is filled with ideas, questions for reflection, and practical suggestions for deepening relationship with Jesus and understanding what it means to be the Body of Christ.

I have learned that with each decision and action, I make a difference. I have learned that my true job has nothing to do with my career path, and everything to do with how I am Christ at work. I have learned that since we are all the Church, I am called to be an active member of my parish family. I have learned that God needs me.



While I could fill pages with the incredible experience this program is and talk about what I have learned or what I have had revealed to me, I am going to focus on one point: change. I am not the same. I have changed. And the change for me is to take the action to know God in a deeper way. I may have wanted to know God more deeply in the past, but I am now willing to commit to take the action to know Him more deeply. And the growth program[Immersed in Christ] has been the reason for the change.



It caused me to look more closely at the ways I am living out - and the ways I am not living out - my Christian faith. Rather than scold or "make lists" of "must do's" it spoke to hindrances to action and encouraged overcoming them.

-Anonymous in Rockport, TX


It has provided material which I will apply for the rest of my life.



I think this [the leaflets & cards] is one of the attractive parts of the program, that everybody can participate even if they don't feel they have time to read the book. What I think is important is to create a common understanding of Christian life and have a common vocabulary. The more people read the leaflets, the more they are united.

-A pastor


Three success stories:

One woman began to feel guilty during the program because she had purchased a large, trendy vehicle. She realized she bought it for all of the wrong reasons and that it really did not bear witness to Christ. She decided that instead of just getting rid of it or doing nothing, she would put the vehicle to a use that does bear witness to Christ. She began collecting food donations and delivering them to the local foodbank and started driving a carpool for the school kids even though she didn't have any children.


Another woman was 93 and living in a nursing home. Somebody was visiting her each week and bringing her the leaflets. The woman began to feel frustrated because she felt she could not do anything in response to the program. She finally realized that she was ambulatory and could see well enough to read. There were other patients in the same home who could not. She began visiting the blind and bedridden reading to them and just chatting.


One group consisted of several members who were unhappy with the pastor because the parish did not do much for homebound or hospitalized members. After a few weeks of the program they decided they should confront the pastor about the issue. They were continuing with the program and before they confronted the pastor they decided they should be willing to help. By the time they completed the program and went to see the pastor they were able to say, "We don't think we do enough as a parish for the sick. We would like to help. What can we do?" The pastor agreed that the ministry to the sick needed improvement and was thrilled that some people were finally willing to help.

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