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Immersed in Christ

To help you continue your lifelong spiritual growth, we are working to create a complete listing of all of Father David M Knight's books, booklets, articles, workbooks, and audio/video files on this site. Check back for more listings. If you need something you do not see, please send us an email to inquire.  

To help we find what you are looking for, we have categorized the various publications.


Newest resources by Father  David M. Knight


Resources to support your life-long journey of faith. 

1981 Why Jesus Matthew cover new.jpg

Spiritual Growth using Matthew's Gospel


Fr. David's books available either as paperbacks or downloads

1998 Alcanzando a Jesus cover.jpg

Materials in Spanish and Polish 


Books and Articles related to religious life and religious vows

2021 Stations of Hope cover.jpg

Hard copy & downloadable booklets; prayer cards; bookmarks


Resources on Baptism, Confession, and the Mass

1998 Reaching Jesus repub 2018 cover.jpg

Free and low priced PDF versions of many  resources found on this site

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