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In all the prayer forms which we use, it will help to follow these general instructions. They are a way to prepare yourself for entering into prayer and to conclude it. If followed, they will make your prayer both easier and more profitable. We begin with the "three r's" which ease us into any form of prayer:


Relax. Take a break from whatever you are doing. Either walking around or sitting, or in any other position which relaxes you, put aside all other thoughts, worries and feelings, all unfinished business, anything and everything you are working on.


Remember: be conscious that you are in the presence of God, that He is watching and listening, ready to hear you and help you pray. Recall what you are about to pray over, and what you are seeking in this prayer. Then...


Make a physical gesture of Reverence (bow your head, or put your hand on your heart, or kneel -- just use body language to acknowledge that you are in the presence of God) and then ask God to help you pray. Ask Him to give light to your mind, love to your heart, and courage to your will to hear and respond to all He says to you in prayer. And be specific about asking Him for any particular grace you are seeking in this period of prayer: for example, to comprehend and conform your heart more to the words of the Our Father; to understand and embrace the spirit of the Commandments, etc.

Then enter into your prayer according to whatever method you are using. Take any body position which helps you.


Finally, at the end of any period of prayer, close by speaking to God for a few moments in your own words. Call Him by name (Father, Son of David, Savior, etc.) and ask Him to be for you what you have seen in your prayer and to let you be and do for Him what you desire.

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