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"Rinky-Dink" Prayer

Use this one without a Preamble.


A "rinky-dink prayer" is a request for something too unimportant to bother the Almighty about:


  • "Lord, help me find the dime I just dropped."

  • "Lord, let the light stay green."

  • "Lord, help me remember that phone number."

  • "Lord, let me smile at this idiot."

  • "Lord, help me find a parking place."


This is a prayer form which consists essentially in asking Jesus to do all those "little things" for you that you would only ask a close friend to do -- all day, every day. It is a way to treat Jesus as "Emmanuel -- God-with-us."


The characteristics of "rinky-dink prayer" are:


  • the request is normally for something unimportant (this is how you experience Jesus as your friend: for important things you can go to God as God);


  • it is not a request you get desperate about. As soon as you say, "Lord, please ! I've got to get this car started!" it is not a rinky-dink prayer anymore;


  • you never give Jesus a reason for answering your prayer. Don't say, "Lord, please get this person off the phone; I know you want me to get to church on time." Just ask Him. Let Him do it because He is your friend, and because friends like to do favors for friends. Take His friendship for granted.


Try to remember to thank Him afterwards!


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