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This publication is a free PDF download.  Father David Knight studied Matthew’s Gospel for seventeen years, looking for a way to present the whole Gospel in a weekend retreat. His hope was to find a few key themes under which alltwenty-eight chapters of Matthew could be grouped and brought into focus.What he found was that all of Matthew’s Gospel can be outlined as presenting four challenges, four invitations to enter completely into that “life to the full” which Jesus came to give. These challenges are progressive: each builds on the one before it and leads to a higher level of Gospel living. Together they provide a unified, systematic, Gospel plan for living the Christian life “to the full.”


The six books in the “Matthew Series” present Matthew’s Gospel as following, chapter and verse, an outline based on these four challenges:Part One is presented in three books:


Why Jesus, which asks, “Can you accept Jesus as Savior?” while two books which ask “Can you accept Jesus as a Teacher?”: A Change Within, and Make Me a Sabbath of Your Heart. Part Two is presented in Saving Presence.  Part Three as presented in No Power But Love. Part Four is presented in Until He Comes.The outline provided here presents Matthew’s Gospel graphically by diagramming each of the four parts as a triangle—each presenting seven themes in a narrative section as seven steps in ascending order leading up to a discourse section, and then descending again in another narrative section through a repetition of the same seven themes to the end of the part. 

Matthew's Gospel Charts the Christian Path (PDF Download)


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