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Reaching Jesus: Five Steps to the Fullness of Life


For a call to awaken desire, it must offer a practical path to the goal. Were you shown a path to holiness? If you were asked, “Can you show me the way to get holy?” could you instantly lay out a plan for growing into the “fullness of the Christian life” to which every believer is called?


If you are looking for a plan, for a path blazed by saints and followed by Christians for centuries—sometimes without clearly recognizing the steps they were taking—you will find it in Reaching Jesus: Five Steps to the Fullness of Life.


The book identifies five stages of the journey by five objectives to aim at and then translates the steps into five choices. Everything is clear, concrete, and surprisingly easy—to begin with. The book will show you how to put the mysteries and promises of your Baptism into practice so that God can transform your life in ways that are far beyond your wildest expectations.



“...absolutely superb... a first-rate, down-to-earth, practical guide to real-life spirituality for any Christian believer.” -- Archbishop Pilarczyk of Cincinnati


“To write the words ‘Jesus is acting with me, in me, and through me’ presupposes a profound, vital, authentic, coherent experience.  This experience is what Father David Knight, during the 60 years of his priestly ministry, tried to share with the thousands of people he met in his life, and is now passing on to readers through this book." --Alvaro Cardenal Ramazzini, Bishop of Huehuetenango


Reaching Jesus: Five Steps to the Fullness of Life provides the clearest introduction to the Immersed in Christ Plan for Spiritual Growth. This is the “basic book” for Immersed in Christ.


Publisher: ‎ Immersed in Christ Publications (January 1, 2018)

Language: ‎ English

Paperback: ‎ 108 pages

English: ISBN-13: 978-1732744301; EPUB ISBN: 978-1-7327443-6-3

Spanish: ISBN-13:‎ 978-1732744332; EPUB ISBN: 978-1-7327443-7-0


A “workbook” (guide to reflection and discussion) is also available.

Reaching Jesus: 5 Steps to the Fullness of Life EPUB


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