Confession Can Change Your Life

Why don't people go to confession anymore? Have we lost the sense of sin? (Did we ever really have it - authentically? Wasn't everything a "mortal sin"?) This book is based on a priest's experience that the real sins are seldom confessed, and that confession can be -- should be -- one of the most powerful instruments in the Church for day-to-day, progressive spiritual growth. Historically the Church has used Reconciliation for many things; our own limited focus on "getting forgiven" has made us neglect its more positive benefits: the felt, experienced reconciliation both with God and with the community, consistent support in maintaining ideals and overcoming failures, the experience of Jesus present in the Church today, a conscience expanded to face the real problems of our times. This book offers innovative, practical suggestions for making Reconciliation "work" in our lives.


1977 Claretian Press; 1984 revised & repub (St Anthony Messenger)

ISBN:  0867160411

Old ISBN: 978-0-86716-041-3

Confession Can Change Your Life


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