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Prayers and Actions for Monday, Oct 4

From Living God's Word Year B by Father David M. Knight

Pray: Lord, you are the Teacher of life and of love. Give me the grace to believe in your way, to study it in your words, and to follow it to life to the full.

Reflect: Luke 10:25 – 37. "You shall love the Lord with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind." How does this commandment tum every dying to self into an increase of life? What experiences of sacrificing yourself in the past have not enhanced your life? Did you do them out of love? What sacrifices have you made out of love? Did they bring you to life?

Live This Week's Gospels:

As Christian: Ask what does or would express daily in your life that you are with Christ, seeking the one thing necessary, making perfect love the goal of your life.

As Disciple: If a stranger looked at all the books and magazines in your house, what would appear to be your main interest in life? What would say you are a disciple of Christ?

As Prophet: Identify three concrete things you did during the past week which indicate that loving God and others is your highest priority in life. Rejoice in them.

As Priest: List in order of priority the five people you nurture or minister to the most. (Think of family, neighborhood, work, church, social life, city or country.)

As King: Think of one thing that people around you do that you would like to change. On one side of a piece of paper list all the ways you could bring about the change this using power or threats. On the other side list all the ways you could change them using love.

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