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Immersed in Christ: Monday, June 14, 2021

The Real World

A fresh look at the Mass literally takes us "out of this world." The very first words the presider speaks lift us up into a new world. We enter into a world of mystery - the world of conscious relationship with God.

Every relationship is a way of interacting with another. The Mass is gathering us together to interact with God "the Father", as infinite Being and Goodness; with God "the Son" as infinite truth; and with God "the Holy Spirit" as infinite love.

We may think of the celebration of the Eucharist, not as the beginning of the week, but as a "time out" after which we return to the "real world" of family, school, and social life, business and politics.

But nothing could be more mistaken.

Mass is the real world, a world in which everything we hear and see speaks to us about the authentic relationship between God and all of creation. The real world reflects the Existence from which all existence comes: the existence of God, who is Existence itself. And God's existence, we know from revelation, is relationship.

Take action: Think deeply for a few moments about your perception of reality. Does what you what you can see, feel, hear, taste, and touch give you the full picture of all that is real? Or is there more? Who can show you "more"? Do you want more? Why or why not? If you want more, ask the Holy Spirit to give you "more" - and look for the answers the Holy Spirit provides.

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