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Immersed in Christ: Friday, June 11, 2021

What is “holy”?

The question “How do I get holy?” can’t be answered until we define what “holy” is.

How would you define it? (Sure, give us a comment. Reading the rest of this can wait).

Okay. Did you try?

Did you go metaphysical? “To be holy means to share in the divine life of God.” That is why Saint Paul’s word for all Christians was “the ‘saints’ – the holy ones.” All the baptized are holy with the holiness of God.

We got that holiness by Baptism, but that is not what we mean when we ask, “How can I get holy?”

What “holy” means when we ask that question is very simple: it means “united – being one with – God in mind, heart and will.”

Let’s bring it down to earth – literally. Union with Jesus Christ is union with God. And easier to deal with.

So the question becomes, “How can I be united to Jesus in mind, heart and will?”

Now we can answer the question. You try it first. How can we grow in union of mind, heart and will with Jesus Christ?

Post it as a comment below. My guess is you’ll be groping.

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