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Immersed in Christ: Fifth Wednesday of Easter: May 5, 2021

Remembering Gives the Fruit of Joy

If Christians are not joyful, we can forget about proclaiming the Good News. If we don't have Joy, we haven't heard it.

True Joy is not a feeling. It is deep awareness we have reason to be happy. Jesus on the cross was not feeling joy. But he was deeply aware he was doing the will of the Father with love. For him that was the essence of happiness. He had Joy.

He also knew he was "leaving the world and going to the Father.” And he had the Joy of telling his fellow sufferer, "Today you will be with me in Paradise” (John 16:28; Luke 23:43). These truths did not take away his pain. But remembering them gave Joy.

Christians never deny pain; we just know it is not the whole picture. We add in what makes our pain compatible with or even conducive to Joy. Christians' advantage is knowing what we can add. We just have to remember to do it. And make it evident we do.

You are broke. Remember your Father is rich. He will take care of you (Matthew 6:25). You are a failure. Remember Jesus promised you will do lasting good for humanity (John 15:16). You feel unloved. Remember the Father himself loves you (John 16:27), and loves you as he loves his Son Jesus! (John 15:9). You have no friends? Remember Jesus calls you his friend (John 15:13-15).

Whatever makes you sad, remembering the right truth will give you Joy.

To live in Joy: Remember!

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