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Saturday, November 18, 2023

by Fr. David M. Knight


To use the Rite of Communion at Mass to seek wisdom, defined as “the habit of seeing everything in the light of our last end.” The Rite of Communion focuses us on the “wedding banquet of the Lamb.” This should rule our choices.

What can the statements below add to your appreciation for the Mass?

Sunday: Wisdom is as available as prayer. The only question is, do wewant her. Through prayer we enter into and remain in wisdom. Wisdom gives us both direction and desire: the goal that sets our course and energy to pursue it.

Monday: In Communion Jesus gives himself without reserves, in total abandonment to us. We give ourselves in total abandonment to him, desiring only to manage for him, as stewards of his kingship, everything that is under our control.

He is God, source of all being and summit of all fulfillment. In union with him we have within ourselves right now everything we need to be perfectly happy forever.

Tuesday: The Rite of Communion climaxes when the presider lifts up the host with the Church’s defiant shout, triumphant even in the face of death:“Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.” That is our “last end.”

Jesus doesn’t act like the master in his own parable. He invites us to sit at his table with him, and waits on us as a servant. We should come away from Communion humbled and inspired to serve others as we have been served.

Wednesday: The Eucharist excludes any pretense of superiority. All introduce themselves as sinners. No “seats of honor” are allowed. No one takes precedence in the Communion line. Any differences are due to distinctions in roles, not dignity.

Thursday: The Rite of Communion is a preview of the “end time.” Everyone present has received Jesus. God sees all present as perfect, as they will be at the “marriage feast of the Lamb.” All is unity and peace.

Friday: From “studying the works” of God, humans can “discern the artisan” and experience God as the indwelling “greatness and beauty of created things.”

Saturday: If, after receiving Christ in Communion, we close our eyes and just let ourselves be aware of what is at that moment, we will know that we are filled with “the fullness of him who fills all in all.” This is a foretaste of heaven.


Adopt the ancient motto: “Respice finem”—“Look to the end.” Say it often. Be conscious in Communion. Let Christ’s presence fill you.
Be conscious in Communion. Rejoice in what it says.
Be Christ’s steward. Share with everybody as much truth as you can.

Pay attention at Communion. See what is visible and invisible.
Be aware that Communion is the experience of Infinite Being.
Be a steward. Abandon all you have to Christ, to manage it for him.

Reflections brought to you by the Immersed in Christ Ministry

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