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This workbook is designed to accompany the book, Reaching Jesus: Five Steps to the Fullness of Life Revised Edition by Fr. David Knight, Immersed in Christ Publications, 2018. Together, the book and workbook form an introductory course in spiritual faith formation addressed specifically to the laity. This program can be used by indi­viduals, families, small parish groups, or any other group interested in spiritual growth.


This Spiritual Growth Program provides you with a practical plan for real, personal spiritual formation and growth. Use it to set goals and to specify objectives. Record your thoughts and experiences, and from time to time, monitor your growth by reviewing what you have written.


This workbook provides a format for six sessions of reflection and response focused on the commitments implicit in our Baptism. Participants can spend as much time as they want on each step of this plan. Group meetings can be held at any interval: weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.

Workbook for Reaching Jesus: 5 Steps to the Fullness of Life


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