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Obedience, Who Wants It?

also published as Obedience, Who Can Stand It?


When Jesus said, "If you would be perfect, sell everything ... and come follow me", He was talking, not about a vocation to Catholic religious life. but about the entrance exam for becoming His disciple. Jesus didn't teach a "two-track" Christianity: one track -- the way of the "evangelical counsels" or vows of poverty. chastity and obedience -- for those who would be "perfect", and another track -- the way of the commandments -- for the laity. How, then, do both religious and laity, in different ways, live out the radical call of Jesus in their stance toward possessions. sexuality, and decision-making? That is the theme of these challenging and enlightening books.

Obedience Who Wants It?: Between legalism, which means obedience to the dead letter of written laws, and anarchy, which means everyone doing what he or she thinks best, stands authority - the living voice of responsible govemment. When is obedience to authority authentic and when is it an abdication of personal responsibility? This book challenges religious and laity alike to think clearly about an emotional, contemporary topic.


  • Publisher : His Way; 2nd edition (April 1, 1990)
  • Spiral-bound : 33 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 0942971191
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0942971194

Obedience, Who Wants It?


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