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We Are the Good News

Thursday, February 16, 2023

by Fr. David M. Knight

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Editor's note: Father Knight had many talents. Unfortunately, computer file management was not one of those talents. Thus, I have so far been unable to locate Fr. Knight's reflections on the daily readings from today until Feb 22 (Ash Wednesday). Consequently, starting today, I will post selections from The Five Promises of Baptism on weekdays. (Full copies of the booklet are available here.) On Sundays, I will post reflections on the Mass readings -- if I can find those files! Pray for me! ~~ Lynne Marie

If we have "become Christ" and if we are charged and empowered to continue the mission of the Messiah on earth, then we are Good News for the world.

Jesus came proclaiming the "good news of the Kingdom:' Jesus preached that the Kingdom was "at hand" or had "drawn near:' not just because a certain time frame was coming to its end, but because an event had taken place. An event which fired the starting gun on "the time of fulfillmenf' The Word was made flesh and was dwelling among us. Jesus "the Christ:' the Anointed One, was born and his mission had begun.

The "Good News" of the Kingdom was Jesus himself. With the arrival of Jesus the Kingdom was already present, although still to be realized in its fullness. (See Matthew 12:28; Luke 11:20; 17:2)

And we are that Good News today. Not us, but Jesus in us. Jesus whose body we are. Jesus whose life is within us.

If any one of us finds it difficult to say, "I have become Christ:' or "I am the Messiah;' it might be easier to say (although it means the same thing), "I am the Good News:'

We are sent to be the Good News. Wherever we are, and whatever we are doing, we should be good news: the Good News.

When we enter a room, light should shine. Where we work, joy should be in the air. Where hostility or indifference to others is present, we should inject love. Where there is confusion and anxiety, we should be a visible oasis of peace. Why? Because this is what Jesus did. To do this is to "evangelize" in both senses of the word: to announce the Good News and to make it real.

Evangelization is the commitment that follows from the first mystery of Baptism. This follows from our new identity as the continuing presence of Jesus in the world. Because Jesus is the Good News, and because we have "become Christ;' the Church as a whole and every member of the Church exists to evangelize. (Pope Paul VI wrote in Evangelization in the Modern World, no. 14, "The Church exists in order to evangelize.")

We are sent to be the Good News in the world. Evangelization should be a way of life for us.


And how do we evangelize? How do we show we really believe Jesus can save our lives and the lives of others from anything that diminishes them? How do we make the Good News happen?

The best way to show you believe in the Good News of Jesus is to let him act as Savior-as Messiah-in you. Keep inviting him to act with you, in you, and through you in everything you do. Try, as his living body, to "save" every environment, every situation you find yourself in. All day, every day. Try to enhance the life of every person you deal with. Not you alone, not as if you could do it by yourself; but, by offering your body as a "living sacrifice'' to God every day, all day, as you did on the day of your Baptism. (See Romans 12:1-2.)


The minute you wake up, say, "Lord, I offer you my body. Live this day with me, live this day in me, live this day through me. Let me think with your thoughts and speak with your words and act as your body on earth."

Say it all day long. All day, every day.

Jesus is the vine; you are a branch. Let his life bear fruit through you. Let your presence on earth extend his saving presence to every place you go, to every person you deal with, to every activity you are involved in. Be a "Christ-bearer" by "being Christ."

If you do this, you will enter into the first promise of your Baptism. You will accept-and experience-that you have received a new identity. You have "become Christ!"

Reflections brought to you by the Immersed in Christ Ministry

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