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Prayers and Actions for Thursday, Sept 23

From Living God's Word Year B by Father David M. Knight

Pray: Lord, I believe you are the Teacher of life. I want to know all you teach. I want to accept it and live it. Give me enough trust in you to face the hard sayings in your Gospel and apply them to my life. And give me grace to live them.

Reflect: Luke 9:7 – 9. Herod the tetrarch heard about all that was happening, and he was greatly perplexed. How often do you feel perplexed at something Jesus said or did? Should this be a frequent experience if you are taking him seriously? How often do you look at what he said and did?

Live This Week's Gospels:

As Christian: Reflect on the words of John Paul II: "Jesus' way of acting and his words, his deeds and his precepts constitute the moral rule of Christian life" (The Splendor of Truth, #20). Can you accept this for yourself, as your standard of morality?

As Disciple: List from memory as many hard sayings of Jesus as you can think of. Observe the feelings you have in reaction to each one.

As Prophet: Take one of the hard sayings you thought of and think about it until you see a practical way to apply it to your own life. Do it.

As Priest: Think of some of the hard things you have to say to others (friends, employees, children, students). How can you say them with the gentleness of Jesus? By making them inspiring? By example?

As King: Ask if there is any situation at home, at work, among your friends, which you have avoided addressing because you are afraid of the consequences. Think seriously about what you should do.

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