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Prayers and Actions for Monday, Sept 27

From Living God's Word Year B by Father David M. Knight

Pray: Lord, you are the Life and the Light of God, the Savior and the Teacher of life. Help me to understand that by seeing your truth in its fullness I will be able to choose life in its fullness. Call me, motivate me to be your disciple.

Reflect: Luke 9:46 – 50. "Master, we saw someone casting out demons in your name..." Jesus said, "Do not stop him, for whoever is not against you is for you." Are you willing to forget all divisions and cooperate with anyone who is trying to do something good?

Live This Week's Gospels:

As Christian: Think about your call to evangelize. Talk seriously to someone who does not know Christ well enough to want to belong to a church. Invite someone to Mass with you.

As Disciple: Decide what teaching of Jesus or truth about Jesus inspires or helps you the most. What in the Gospel means the most to you? Think about how you could explain this to someone else.

As Prophet: See if you can think of some action you can do which, without words, will express or convey to others what Jesus means to you.

As Priest: Talk to someone of another faith, looking for common ground.

As King: Think of some particular issue which needs to be addressed where you live or work. Speak with one or more other people who might agree with you about it, regardless of their convictions about other things, and see if you can work together to remedy the situation.

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