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Mercy is Wisdom

December 17: Friday of the Third Week of Advent, Year C2

Genesis 49:2, 8-10; Matthew1:1-17

Wisdom is the habit of seeing everything in the light of our last end. An example of short-term, worldly wisdom is the story of the airline desk agent who patiently endured the ranting of an abusive traveler. The next person in line said, “How can you put up with that?” She just smiled: “Oh, it’s okay. His ultimate destination is Cleveland, but his luggage is going to Hong Kong!”

Spiritual wisdom is different. The ultimate destination we look to is long-term: the wedding banquet of the Lamb. This wisdom lets us “fore-give” one another-give kindness and love before­hand—knowing that one day we will all be united in total unity and peace around the table of the Lord. We have mercy on one another now in awareness of the relationship we already have but have not yet fully made real.

This is the wisdom we receive from Jesus, Wisdom Incarnate, whose advent is the “blessed hope” we await. For justice shall flower in his days, and profound peace, till the moon be no more. May he rule from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth…he shall defend the afflicted among the people, save the children of the poor. (See Psalm 72.)

Daily Practice: See everyone now as they will be in heaven. Fore­ give them their sins and fore-give them mercy and love.

Advent Prayer: “O Wisdom of our God...guiding creation with power and love: come teach us the path of knowledge!”

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