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Immersed in Christ: Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Presentation of the Gifts – We Present Ourselves

The Presentation of the Gifts makes us aware that humans can, and are called to do, what is divine. We have a mission to transform the world. We ourselves have been transformed so that we might be able to do it. To express this, we bring up bread and wine as “gifts” to be transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ. They are symbols of the gift we made of ourselves at baptism, when we were transformed by being identified with Jesus Christ. We “present” them, and present ourselves, as a renewal of our pledge to live and work as Christ’s body on Earth.

In the Eucharist, we are made conscious that God uses created things to produce divine effects. The “fruit of the earth and work of human hands” becomes the “Bread of Life.” The “fruit of the vine” becomes “our spiritual drink". And when the “water” of our humanity is mixed with the “wine” of Christs divinity, Jesus’ works with us, in us, and through us, his human creatures, to produce divine fruit, to give divine life, through all of our human words and actions.

Take Action: Ask the Holy Spirit to work With you, In you, and Though you today. Pray the WIT prayer!

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