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Immersed in Christ: Wednesday, July 7, 2021


When we approach the altar to receive the Bread of Life, we should look around, watch everyone being fed, see Jesus giving himself to people we didn’t think were that important. But Jesus is happy to “enter under their roof”. This changes our perspective, like seeing the president’s limo pulling up before the house of our next-door neighbor. Communion should make us appreciate each other more.

There is a time to be “alone with Jesus”. It is after all have received. This is the time to enclose ourselves with Jesus, to acknowledge his presence in our hearts. But we have not separated ourselves from the rest of the assembly. We know we are sharing this moment of intimacy with Christ together. We are all united with him. And “in him”, we are united with each other.

We know that we are about to go out into the unreal world again. But for the moment, we put all else aside and rest in the presence and possession of Christ, surrendered in mind, body, and soul to the “peace and unity” of his kingdom. And because we do, we are motivated when we go out again, to establish that “peace and unity” throughout the world.

Take Action: After you have a moment to enjoy communion with Jesus, look around the room. Get in touch with the fact that you can also enjoy communion with everyone around you!

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