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Immersed in Christ: Wednesday, July 21, 2021

An Experience of Grace

Confession is being recognized and used today as the specific tool of disciples: those whose life is characterized by reflection on the mind and heart of God. When disciples prepare for confession (bearing in mind that the preparation itself is an act of discipleship), they examine their lives in the light of what they have read and reflected on in Scripture. They confess their responses to what they have discerned in their hearts as the voice of God.

This makes confession, and the preparation for it, an experience of graced enlightenment, of experiencing guidance from the word of God and the Holy Spirit instead of just from laws or the example of others.

As Christians form the habit of going to the words of God himself for guidance, they will convert from living by laws to living by the Spirit. They will experience their Christian life as a growing enlightenment that reaches conscious recognition in the self-discovery of confession. This is how Christians will also grow from studying as disciples into bearing witness as prophets.

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