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Immersed in Christ: Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Promise and Commitment

But there is more.

At baptism every single Christian was given a special responsibility through the solemn anointing that made us stewards of the Kingship of Christ. The mission of the Church is to work for the establishment of God’s reign over every area and activity of human life on earth. That is what it means to establish the Kingdom.

We were consecrated and committed by baptism to take responsibility for this as “kings” or stewards of Christ’s Kingship, and to assume leadership in bringing it about.

The words of our anointing were, “As Christ was anointed Priest, Prophet, and King, so live always as a member of his body.”

Confession, if we choose to make full use of it, can be for us a preview and preparation for the day when we will be called to “give an account of our stewardship” (Luke 16:2). Confession provides a means to review and improve our exercise of responsible leadership in the Church and in the world.

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