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Immersed in Christ: Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Universal Prayer – Our Prayer

It is a human function not only to praise God but to pray to God for ourselves and others. We do this when we join in the Universal Prayer, or the prayer of the Faithful. The words to notice are “universal” and “faithful".

By “universal,”, the Church is calling us beyond shortsighted concern for our own well-being and that of our limited circle of family and friends to express and experience our solidarity with the suffering of the whole human race. And it is the prayer of the “faithful,” because the intentions should come from the laity, out of the pews, a privilege reserved to those who are baptized into the priesthood of Christ.

When we hear the members of the assembly bringing to God all of the needs, sufferings, and problems they are encountering in the outside world, we know we are adding a needed ingredient to human life. We are not just standing by as silent and helpful spectators. We are responding.

Take Action: Read the news today and find a person who needs prayer. Take five minutes to pray for that person.

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