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Immersed in Christ: Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The Mystery of Unity

The essential reality of communion is the real presence of Jesus - of his living sacramental body - individually in each one of us, and communally in all of us together. We are one with him and with each other as we will be in heaven. For the brief moments we are all together after communion, united in the common experience of having received Jesus into our bodies and souls, nothing divides us.

The unity is a mystery. It is the mystery expressed in the many grains of wheat ground into flour that calls us to give up our self-enclosed individuality to be made one bread. The many grapes, crushed, mingled, and poured together, are “lost and found again” as one wine. It is the mystery of Jesus Christ, the seed who “fell into the ground and died” so that “all might be made one” as members of his body risen from the grave.

Jesus the victorious Lamb of God has conquered sin and death. We are called, as faithful stewards of his kinship, to persevere in working to establish his reign over every area and activity of human life on earth until he returns in triumph.

Take Action: Did you do something yesterday to promote unity in your family, parish, or workplace? Whether or not you tried yesterday, try again today to do some small thing to promote unity in your family, parish, or workplace?

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