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Immersed in Christ: Thursday, June 24, 2021

A Matter of Perspective

Scripture paints many images of God, and they are interpretive portraits, not photographs. They are more like a series of vignettes, showing different aspects of God from different angles. The better we understand the Bible, the more we will know God. The Liturgy of the Word reminds us of this. If we listen to the readings, it gets us started.

There are "three Rs" of spiritual prayer: reading, reflection, and response. Together they form a three-legged stool - leave any leg off, and the other two fall with it. Then our claim to be disciples doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Once we start reading Scripture, we find that the truth of God is too vast to compare into doctrines, no matter how good and necessary they are. We become disciples, we become students. We are launched into life of constant change.

Take Action: Make a personal commitment, a covenant between yourself and Jesus. Enter into a new relationship with him. Promise to be his student if he will be your teacher.

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