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Immersed in Christ: Thursday, July 1, 2021

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Our Challenge and Our Opportunity

The Presentation of the Gifts reaches a climax for us when we come to our feet in answer to the presider’s invitation and proclaim our conscious, personal participation in what is going on at Mass. We commit ourselves to living a life of witness. When we are in touch with the truth of the risen Jesus living in us, we are in touch with our real mission and the real meaning of our lives on earth.

At every Mass, the Presentation of the Gifts invites us to see ourselves as represented by the bread and wine, and in our hearts to place ourselves on the altar with them to be transformed- not on the level of being, since we have already “become Christ,” his real body and blood by baptism, but on the level of action.

Recalling this at every liturgy, making every Presentation of the Gifts a moment of repeated rededication, will give us a fresh look at the Mass that, over time, will lift up the whole level of our behavior from human to divine.

Take Action: At the Presentation of the Gifts, offer yourself to God as a living sacrifice.

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