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Immersed in Christ: Sunday, June 6, 2021

Our Creed as Interpreted by Father David

We believe in one God, who is Father:

Who loves all of us as his children,

The sinners as well as the guiltless,

All nations, all orientations,

All cultures, all kinds of believers

Whose hearts are inspired by his Spirit.

We believe in the Son of the Father

Who “emptied himself” of his glory

To take flesh as human among us

And show us the way to fulfillment.

He shunned empty riches and status,

Using Truth and Love only as power.

He made friends with the weak and the sinful,

Giving hope to the dead and despairing.

He taught us the Truth as the Teacher,

Proclaimed what is Good as the Prophet,

As Priest he restored us to Oneness

With God as the Being of beings.

He uncovered the Beauty of Being

As the harmony of the Three Persons:

The Father as Source of all Goodness,

The Word as the Truth of his knowledge,

The Spirit of Love as their Oneness.

We believe that as Savior, though sinless,

He was “made to be sin” by accepting

Our sinful selves into his body.

Our sins were not only forgiven,

But “taken away” and forgotten,

Erased, blotted out of existence when

He died, because we were “in him.”

In his death we died and were buried.

And came back as God’s “new creation.”

Reborn, with no sins on our record.

When Christ rose, we rose to continue

His mission on earth as Messiah:

Anointed as prophets to witness,

Anointed to share in his priesthood,

Anointed as stewards of kingship

To establish his reign and extend it

Until he returns on the Last Day

To make all things perfect in triumph.

We believe in the gift of the Spirit

Who gives us the power to witness

To Jesus still living within us

Through a lifestyle surpassing the human.

We believe as a Church we are “holy,”

Not through good works or performance

But because of the indwelling presence

Of God and his Spirit within us.

We believe we are called to perfection,

To strive all our lives to surrender

And give Life expression in action.

We believe we are called to be open,

One with each other, embracing

The truth of all nations and cultures,

Accepting all faithful expressions

Of the Word that transcends every language.

We believe in the truth that was given

And passed on to us through “apostles,”

Around whom believers assembled

And assemble today as a body

United in teaching and worship,

Without the exclusion of others

Who believe, but with certain exceptions

That make our communion less perfect

But do not destroy or deny it.

We believe that this life is a waiting

During which we are called to be faithful

As stewards expecting their master

While working to build up his kingdom.

We believe in the Lamb that has conquered,

Who himself is the Bread of the banquet

Where Bridegroom and Bride are together,

And all who are called to the table,

Will live in the peace of the Kingdom,

Made totally one in the Spirit.

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