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Immersed in Christ: Sunday, June 27, 2021

The Creed We Profess

It is a glorious thing to stand up after the reading of God’s word and profess our faith. We experience our being. We have minds: we understand. We have wills: we choose to accept. We are self-determining persons. God speaks and we answer. We declare ourselves in response to what we have heard: “We believe.”

The Profession of Faith can be a mystical experience, that is, a moment in which we become aware of the mystery in what we are professing and of the mystery involved in the fact that we can profess it. No one can believe the truths we profess in the Creed except by the divine gift of faith, the gift of sharing in God’s own knowing act. “Faith” is the divine gift of knowing what only God can know as only God can know it. To recite the Profession of Faith in awareness of this is to experience enlightenment by the Holy Spirit. It is also to experience Christian solidarity in the “communion of the Holy Spirit.”

Take Action: Pray the Profession of Faith each day in your daily prayers. But do it slowly, meditatively. Think about the words you are saying. If a word or phrase jumps out at you, stop and ask yourself what the Holy Spirit might be communicating to you.

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