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Immersed in Christ: Sunday, June 20, 2021

Why We Praise

We gather on Sundays to celebrate “Eucharist,” which in Greek means “thanksgiving.” To “celebrate” means to “single out for grateful remembrance.” The Gloria singles out what we have to be thankful for in the Good News.

We are grateful because we know God as “heavenly King,” one who entered into history to guide his people. Now, because of Jesus, we also know God as “Father,” with the closeness of sons and daughters. We praise God for the progressive intimacy of his relationship with the human race.

In singing praise and giving thanks to God, all present as representatives of the human race, are fulfilling their duty of putting creation into recognized relationship with God.

Proclaiming the Gloria is, then, an act of cosmic significance. It is to do what only humans can do. It is to be a bridge between creation and God.

If we take a fresh look at the Gloria, and bring a fresh attitude to it when we sing, we will be filled with joy and communicate that joy to others. By giving life to the liturgy, we will give life to one another.

Take Action: Belt out the Gloria with enthusiasm in praise to God at Mass this week!

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