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Immersed in Christ: Sunday, July 25, 2021

Confessing Our Conversions

As disciples and prophets, Christians measure their behavior by its conformity to the words and example of Jesus—absorbed through personal reflection enlightened by the gift of the Holy Spirit. In this there is always “forward motion.” To live that “life to the full” that Jesus came to give requires unending metanoia, an ongoing “change of mind” (the gospel call to “repent”). This engages us in continual con- version—that is, in continual change of attitudes, values, and behavior.

If we accept our baptismal anointing as prophets, then we should think about confessing our conversions instead of focusing only on our “sins.” What have I seen in the Scriptures since my last confession that is calling me to more? What movements of grace have I experienced, and how have I responded to them? What have I “changed my mind” about? What changes have I made in my lifestyle that make it more reflective of the Good News? Am I raising any eyebrows where I live and work and socialize? Or have I myself accepted to “fit in”?

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