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Immersed in Christ: Seventh Tuesday of Easter: May 18, 2021

"Grant us by the Gifts of the Holy Spirit…"

The traditional prayer just says: "Grant us by the Holy Spirit that we will do what is right and always rejoice in his consolations." Our version asks specifically for each Gift of the Spirit that we have defined and reflected on above. We name them in our daily prayer in order to become more conscious of them. And also to grow—day by day—into greater understanding and appreciation of each one.

Those who hear what they pray become what they say.

Mysteries are absorbed more than learned. Over time, their meaning sinks into our minds and their value becomes rooted in our hearts. So we ask four Gifts for our minds: to appreciate and focus continually on the goal of our existence (Wisdom); to understand more clearly and deeply everything we believe (Understanding); to see how to live it all out in practice (Knowledge); and to make the best decisions in complex situations (Counsel).

We ask three Gifts for our wills: to treat everyone as family (Piety/Family Spirit), to persevere in good works that are difficult or dangerous (Courage), and to resist attractions that would lead us away from God (Awe of the Lord).

The Gifts of the Spirit help us even when we are unconscious of them. But we remind ourselves of them because we are in partnership (koinonia) with God, not robots. The more our humanity cooperates consciously with our divinity "in the unity of the Holy Spirit," the more authentically Christian (human and divine) we are.

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