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Immersed in Christ: Saturday, July 24, 2021

Do We Raise Eyebrows?

We should remember that the New Testament word for “sin” is hamartia, which literally means to “miss” or “fall short.” It is not enough to ask what we are doing that is positively wrong. We have to ask how we are falling short of authentic Christian living. To live up to our baptismal commitment as prophet, we have to change our whole standard of morality. Once we accept to be prophets we never ask again just whether something is right or wrong—we ask, “How does this bear witness to the values of Jesus Christ?”

We are committed by baptism and by love itself to bear witness to the Good News of Jesus. We cannot do this effectively unless our lifestyle raises “irresistible questions” in people’s minds that can only be answered by the gospel. Therefore, we need to confront in confession what there is in our life- style that is so visibly, obviously—even shockingly— different from the ordinary “good behavior” of upright people that it challenges basic assumptions and values in our peer group. What are we doing that raises eyebrows?

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