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Immersed in Christ: Saturday, July 10, 2021

Express Yourself

So how do you do this? It is simple. Express yourself. Let your body be the medium for God’s expression of truth (your faith), for God’s promise of fulfillment (your hope), and for God’s constant manifestation of love (your love made flesh in action).

Smile at strangers. Treat everyone as you would treat your brother or sister, because our faith tells us we are all called to be brothers and sisters in Christ. If you see something good in another person, say it. Praise and thank people constantly.’

Eucharist is a sacrament. A sacrament is an action of God that takes place through human words and actions. In a sacrament, what is expressed in symbol is accomplished in reality. In the sacrament of the Mass, the Eucharistic remembrance makes really present what is remembered in words and reenacted in symbol.

So during the Mass, the death and rising of Jesus, which took place two thousand years ago outside of Jerusalem, becomes really present on the altar when and where we celebrate it. Making that memory present is what keeps our faith, hope, and love alive.

Take Action: Be the body of Christ. Next time you are in a public location such as a store, post office, or gas station, be sure to smile at the "strangers" around you. And, maybe say a kind word, or compliment something you see in them or in the space around you.

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