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Immersed in Christ: Monday, June 28, 2021

Believing What We Profess

It would be false to assume that no one else in our culture takes God seriously. But the truth is, Christians just don’t profess their faith unless they are in church, and then they do it in a low voice.

Perhaps, instead of focusing on what we are professing - which we have heard a thousand times before and assume, maybe rashly, that we understand - we should put our hearts into the fact that we are professing it. We need to get in touch not with what we believe, but with the fact that we believe it.

During the Profession of Faith, we should experience our identity as believers intensely by expressing intensely the truths that together we accept and affirm. Experience reaches awareness in expression.

And, if we intensely experience ourselves as believers in the Eucharistic liturgy, it should become easier for us to express ourselves as believers outside of it as well.

Take Action: Today, take a concrete action to express your belief outside of church - in your home, in your business, in your social life.

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