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Immersed in Christ: Monday after Easter: April 5, 2021

One in the Spirit

We pray "In the name of the Father", Source of all being… As his family we speak for all creation.

"And of the Son," the Redeemer… We speak as his body. In us Jesus is continuing his redemptive work. During this Mass and during this day he will speak with us, in us, and through us. And we will continue his mission: thinking his thoughts, speaking his words, and acting as his body on earth.

"And of the Spirit," the Sanctifier and bond of unity between Father and Son, sent to unite all of redeemed humanity in Christ. In the Spirit we are one, as the Father is in the Son and the Son in the Father. In the Spirit we are one as they are one. We celebrate Mass, not as individuals wrapped up in our private devotion, but as a community speaking, singing and celebrating together with one mind, one heart, one voice. "In the Spirit."

By speaking and acting in unison during Mass, we express and experience our union in the Holy Spirit. We speak and act as one so we will see and the world will see that we are completely one, and know that the Father and Son have sent their Spirit into our hearts, and that we love one another even as God has loved us (John 17:11-23).

ACTION: Notice we always speak in the plural during Mass.

PRAYER: Lord, let us be filled with your Holy Spirit, and know we are one body, one spirit in Christ.

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