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Immersed in Christ: Friday, June 25, 2021

The Homily: Interactive Conversation

We should be grateful for homilies. How many times in an ordinary week does someone talk to us about the most important things in life, using the words of God as a guide?

Homilies, first and foremost, are not sermons or lectures, they are sharing. The word "homily" comes from the Greek verb homilein, which means to "interact verbally" with a person. If we don't interact, it is not a homily.

We should discuss with each other what we hear - and give feedback to the homilist if possible. Without feedback, he doesn't know if he is feeding the flock or not. Remember, all those who stand up to teach or preach are just fellow classmates giving back what they have heard Christ the teacher say. We need to see if what they say matches what we have heard, sitting at the feet of the same teacher and listening likewise to his words.

Pope Francis wrote: "The homily is the touchstone for judging a pastor's closeness and ability to communicate to his people." But communication is a two-way street.

Take Action: Let the homilist know how his preaching is affecting you.

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