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Immersed in Christ: Friday, July 30, 2021

Confessing in Confidence

Confession also includes counseling. This may or may not be significant in a given case, but there is great value in having someone always available for consultation about problems and questions that arise in our spiritual life.

And remember that the counseling and the confessing are all in confidence. The “seal of confession” is absolute. Nothing takes priority over it, and there are no exceptions. This secrecy is protected by the strictest laws and sanctions of the Church. The Church sees confession as a sacrament that is so important for the removal of personal guilt, and for the restoration of personal peace in relationship to God, that no fear of exposure, for any reason at all, can be allowed to block anyone from making use of it. This protection is extended to include the confessor’s role as counselor. His job, besides answering questions, is to help the confider understand the experience of enlightenment—of faith, hope, and love—that is taking place in the confrontation and confession of sins. Sometimes this includes commonsense human advice as well.

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