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Immersed in Christ: Friday, July 2, 2021

The Preface – Joining the Cosmic Chorus

The preface is designed to make sure, before we move into the Eucharistic Prayer, that we are ready to enter into the heart and height of the Eucharistic mystery.

Each different Preface describes something great that God has done for us that we should thank him for. There are 84 prefaces, some fitted to the seasons of the liturgical year, some focused on particular events or truths about God, some celebrating some special moments in Christian life, like holidays, marriage, and death. Every one of them holds up to us something wonderful God has done and is doing, something that might be overlooked in the distracted focus of daily life. They all serve as a transition from ground-level consciousness to soaring awareness of God’s goodness and love.

Once our minds are “lifted up” to contemplate the wonders of God, we are ready to sing with the angels. And that is what we do. Then we are ready to get into the mystery of the Eucharistic Prayer.

Take Action: Spend a few moments each day thinking about the love God has expressed for you. How might you express your love for God in return? Make a concrete decision to do a favor for someone else TODAY as a gift to God.

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