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Immersed in Christ: Fourth Tuesday of Easter: April 27, 2021

The Gift of Understanding

Understanding is just that: the gift of understanding the truth God has revealed. We may learn, and grow up believing, many doctrines of our faith that "just don't mean anything" to us. They don't excite us, give us joy, or motivate us to do anything. For them we don't have, or have not used, the Gift of Understanding.

We have to seek to find (Matthew 7:7). If we don't look closely, we won't see clearly. But when we want to appreciate what we believe, the Gift of Understanding casts light on what we read and opens our minds to what we hear.

When we read Scripture, the Gift of Understanding lets us enter into the mind of God. When we understand the words we hear at Mass, they are mind-blowing. The prayers we say daily grow in meaning as we grow in understanding. They, in turn, inject meaning into our lives. More and more, we begin to "rejoice in the truth" (1Corinthians 13:6). We know what it is to " walk in the light" (John 8:12).

To use the Gift of Understanding: Pay attention to the words of prayers, Scripture, the Mass, sacraments, and homilies. Think about what they mean. Do the same for all the "doctrines" you have learned. Ask for light to see what difference they should make in your life, and how you can respond to them in choices. Understanding is the Gift for discipleship. The "3 R's" of discipleship are Read, Reflect, and Respond. The Gift of Understanding works through them.

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