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Immersed in Christ: Fourth Saturday of Easter: May 1, 2021

The Gift of Courage

The gift of Strength, or Courage is the Gift of the Holy Spirit that strengthens our wills to do what is difficult or dangerous. In ordinary situations, Piety or Family Spirit is enough to motivate the good we do. Mothers enjoy taking care of their children; fathers enjoy playing with them. But when the baby cries all night, or work has put parents under stress, they ask God for strength. And it is there. It is a Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Ordinarily Piety keeps us interacting as we should with God. Gratitude and respect for our Father; loyalty to Jesus, faithfulness to the Holy Spirit move us to pray, participate in Mass, and to live up to our job description day by day as prophets, priests, and stewards of the kingship of Christ. But when prayer is endlessly dry and Mass depressingly dead; when we feel no devotion, or even positive repugnance in dealing with God, because we are experiencing the normal rotation of "consolation-desolation" in our spiritual life; or when the witness of our lifestyle is a threat to others—and therefore a danger to us—we have special need of Courage. Working for change as "stewards of the kingship of Christ" is discouraging. And it can be dangerous; even life-threatening.

But when we persevere, we know we are living the divine Life of God. Nothing but the Gift of the Holy Spirit can explain it.

To use the Gift of Courage: Ask Gods help. Then act as if you have it.

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