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Immersed in Christ: Fourth Friday of Easter: April 30, 2021

The Gift of Piety (Family Spirit)

Most countries have some fundamental attitude that determines how they deal with each other in ordinary life. For the British it might be "fair play," or politeness. For the French, "liberté, fraternité, égalité." For the Germans, "Ordnung muss sein." For Americans, maybe friendliness.

The foundational virtue of the Roman people is presented in the pius Aeneas of Virgil's epic as Pietas—the "gut bond" of loyalty to one's family, one's country, and one's "household gods." It was the basic attitude that motivated people to live up to their obligations as citizens of Rome.

Jesus, by sharing his divine Life with us, has made us all children of the Father, brothers and sisters to one another. He extended piety to embrace the whole human race. For Christians, piety is the Gift of Family Spirit that strengthens our wills in all our relationships with other people. On a day-to-day basis we treat each other as we should out of a sense of "family obligation." Or better, family love.

Because we are living the divine Life of God, our interaction with others is a mystery—the mystery of Jesus acting with us, in us, and through us to enhance his divine Life in everyone we deal with. We see ourselves as mediators of divine Life to our brothers and sisters, with whom we are "one flesh" in the unity of the Holy Spirit. This affects all our relationships.

To use the Gift of Piety (Family Spirit): Treat everyone consciously as your brother or sister.

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