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Immersed in Christ: Fifth Saturday of Easter: May 8, 2021

Kindness Is Divine

Jesus teaches us not just to endure evil, but to respond to it actively, with Kindness. Pope Francis says this word "makes it clear that 'Patience' is not a completely passive attitude, but one accompanied by activity, by a dynamic and creative interaction [relationship] with others." Jesus suggests turning the other cheek; giving up coat and cloak; walking another mile. Francis says Kindness is characteristic of a person who “shows goodness by deeds," with "love that benefits and helps others… love ready to be of assistance" (Matthew 5:39, 40, 41; The Joy of Love 93).

If we are Christians who "live by the Spirit," we focus on what we can do for others, not on what others are doing to us. So when anyone imposes on us, our immediate reaction is to be kind. But why? Why should we value relationship with others over every other value?

Because God does. God’s Life is relationship: Three Persons interacting with each other in Love.

Ah, but for God that is easy! All Three Persons are perfectly lovable. But how can humans value relationship with people who don’t respect our rights, who do us violence?

When Scripture uses Kindness to describe God's dealings with humans, it is kindness to everyone, but above all to those who do not deserve it. Our Kindness is his Kindness shared with us by the Spirit. It shows we are living by the Spirit; living divine life, trying to live and love like God.

That is the reason.

To show Kindness, be divine.

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