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Saturday, September 9, 2023

by Fr. David M. Knight


To bring to awareness the constant longing of the human heart for a nameless “more” which is in reality the “wedding banquet of the Lamb” which we experience by anticipation in the Rite of Communion.

What can the statements below add to your appreciation for the Mass?

Sunday: “Wisdom” is defined both as a taste for spiritual things and as the habit of seeing everything in the light of our ultimate end. In the Rite of Communion, we look toward the “end time,” and our taste is stimulated by the Bread of Life.

The foretaste of the “wedding banquet” during the Rite of Communion sends us out motivated to invite the whole world to the banquet and to reform those social structures that impede the “peace and unity” of the Kingdom.

Monday: When the presider proclaims: “Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb,” he is saying, “Blessed are those who are going to die!” For us, to die is to get into the party. Nothing can threaten us.

Grieving for loved ones who have died, as Jesus himself wept at Lazarus’ death, is grieving for ourselves who miss them, not for them. They are in bliss.

Tuesday: The Rite of Communion is a preview and an assurance of Christ’s triumph. It reminds us we are waiting for Christ’s glory to be made manifest.

In the Our Father Jesus taught us to pray by teaching us what to pray for. The petitions of the Our Father are the priorities of Jesus’ own heart. Every petition is asking for his triumph at the end of the world.

Wednesday: Heaven is not a private audience with God. Jesus describes it as a communal meal. That is what Communion is and should feel like.

Thursday: The “foretaste of heaven” in the Rite of Communion strengthens us to abandon all we have to God, receiving everything back to manage solely in his interest as stewards of the kingship of Christ. This is hope.

Friday: Pharisees see interaction with God in terms of religion more than of relationship. For them what matters is how many religious things one does. For Jesus it is not what we do, but the relationship with God we express through it.

Saturday: On the cross and in Communion, Jesus expressed and expresses his love for us in the flesh. This is the value of a sacrament: it is a physical, visible act that helps us when divine things seem unreal.


Be a faithful steward: keep investing in what you and others can become. Get in touch with the fire in your heart. Share your love with others. Look forward to death as you look forward to Communion at Mass. Make divine life visible in you. Express faith, hope, and love physically. Ask before every religious act: What am I expressing by this?

Action: Live by God’s law of love. Give priority to feeding his sheep.

Reflections brought to you by the Immersed in Christ Ministry

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