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Saturday, December 2, 2023

by Fr. David M. Knight


To take responsibility for knowing the mind of God. To make Christ’s new outlook on life our own. To make it our life’s goal to bring the whole human race together in Jesus Christ as stewards of the kingship of Christ.

What can the statements below add to your appreciation for the Mass?

Sunday: The really destructive sins are seldom confessed. Most of us were not trained to judge ourselves by the mind and heart of God, revealed in his word, but only by codified rules and laws. These hardly take us farther than the “righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees.”

Monday: The Introductory Rites identify us as divine children of God. By eating the divine Bread of Life from our Father’s table, we become what we eat. We become Christ. Then we can say, “Our Father, who art in heaven...”

Tuesday: The Liturgy of the Word is not merely to inform us, but to bring us into communion with the God who is proclaiming his word. Our listening should be prayer. In fact, a mystical experience of encounter and of enlightenment that leads us to make the refrain of our hearts, “Hallowed be thy name!”

Wednesday: At the Presentation of Gifts we “present our bodies” as “fruit of the earth and work of human hands” asking for the transformation of our human behavior into something so evidently divine it bears witness to the divine presence of God within us. We dedicate ourselves to the mission of bearing prophetic witness with the cry, “Thy Kingdom come!”

Thursday: We celebrate in the Eucharistic Prayer the dying and rising of those united to Christ as “priests in the Priest” and “victims in the Victim.” We pass from the dedication of “Thy Kingdom come!” to the surrender of “Thy will be done!”

Friday: In the Rite of Communion we ask only: “Give us this day our daily Bread, and forgive us as we forgive...” This is the joy of the wedding banquet.

Saturday: We pray to persevere as “faithful stewards” until Christ comes again. “Subject us not to the trial (“hard testing”), but deliver us from evil.”


Accept your baptismal responsibility as a steward of Christ’s kingship. Look forward to the “end time.” Look around to see what needs to be done to extend the reign of Christ over every area and activity of human life on earth.
Be Christ. Live the divine life of God in every human act.

Be a disciple. Seek to understand God’s mind and will and heart.
Be a prophet. Speak the truth in actions only God’s words can explain. Be a “priest in the Priest.” Give life through dying to self.
Be Christ’s steward: look to a glorious future and work for it.
Live your Baptism. Celebrate it at Mass

Reflections brought to you by the Immersed in Christ Ministry

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