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First Impressions

Wednesday, January 11, 2023, 1st Week in Ordinary Time

by Fr. David M. Knight

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Dear Readers: Since the Church is presently engaged in a Eucharistic Revival, we thought it would be helpful to post excerpts from his booklet called Experiencing the Mass, for the next few weeks. (This is not a sales pitch. However, the booklet is available for order on this website for $5 per copy if you would like have a copy.)

A “mystery” is “a truth that invites endless exploration.” Let’s begin with something simple.

You are coming into Mass, walking into the church. What are you feeling? Thinking about? What do you expect? What do you intend to do? Why are you here?

Probably the very last thing you are thinking of is that you are going to Mass to praise God.

But that is the first thing the liturgy invites you to do.

In our culture we don’t spend much time praising God. We are efficiency-minded. Praise is fine, but it doesn’t get much done. If we are going to spend time with God (or “on” God), we prefer to spend it productively. Asking for what we need. Getting new ideas or better understanding from the Scripture readings and the homily. Socializing with people. Even taking up a collection!

At the very lowest level of participation at Mass, we can at least find the practical value of “fulfilling our obligation” to worship God on Sunday. Doing that actually means a whole lot, if we think about the reasons behind it and what it says of us as persons and as believers. “Fulfilling our obligation” does have practical value, and many people are willing to give the time to Mass just to “get it done.”

But very few go to Mass to praise God. At least, that is the impression one gets!

Initiative: Make a good first impression at Mass! Arrive at Mass a little early and consciously offer praise to God as you prepare to celebrate. Then when Mass starts pick up that hymnal and sing then Processional song with enthusiasm!

Reflections brought to you by the Immersed in Christ Ministry

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