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Christianity is Unsettling

Sunday, December 24, 2023

by Fr. David M. Knight

View readings for 4th Sunday of Advent:

Lectionary no. 11 (2Samuel 7:1-5, 8-11, 16; Psalm 89; Romans 16:25-27; Luke 1:26-38)

When King David was settled in his palace…. 2Samuel 7:1

A Vietnam veteran told me the Marines were never allowed comfortable quarters, even between patrols. “They wanted us always ready, never settled down. It was a matter of mentality.”

When King David “was settled in his palace,” it bothered him. He began to get ideas. And God rewarded him for it.

God never lets Christians settle down; not if they are in relationship with him. He gives them an urge for the “more.” St. Ignatius made it a prayer:

Lord, teach me to be generous: to serve you as you deserve; to give and not to count the cost, to work and not to ask for rest; to labor and not to look for reward, except that of knowing I am doing your will.

The truth is, we measure value by what things cost. The Lutheran martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer exposed the mediocrity of “cheap grace.” Jesus made it clear upfront that he challenges us to give all for All.

Whoever loves father or mother, son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me…You cannot be my disciple if you do not give up all your possessions (see Matthew 10:37; Luke 14:26).

There are many advantages to Christianity, great and small, but we will never really appreciate what we have until we give all for All. That’s what dying is.

DAILY PRACTICE: Whenever you can, “push the envelope” to do a little more.

ADVENT PRAYER: Lord, teach me to be generous.

Reflections brought to you by the Immersed in Christ Ministry

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