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Audio & Video Presentations by Father Knight

Dear Friends of Father David,

We are taking a short break from daily reflection blog posts, but we hope to be back by Advent!

In the meantime, we are locating, digitizing, and posting as many audio and video files as we can. So while we are only posting weekly reflections for a few more weeks, you might want to pop over to the Media portion of the website where you can see and hear our dear friend.

(Click on "Media" in the menu.)

You might also like to share our new YouTube channel with friends and family! Please like and subscribe at

In His Love,

Lynne Marie and the Disciples at Immersed in Christ

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1 Comment

neyle sollee
neyle sollee
Sep 09, 2021

Just watched Father Knight's homily in 1992 in NM and it was wonderful. He looks so young.

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