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5 Promises of Baptism: An Invitation

Monday, February 6, 2023

by Fr. David M. Knight

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Editor's note: Father Knight had many talents. Unfortunately, computer file management was not one of those talents. Thus, I have so far been unable to locate Fr. Knight's reflections on the daily readings from today until Feb 22 (Ash Wednesday). Consequently, starting today, I will post selections from The Five Promises of Baptism on weekdays. (Full copies of the booklet are available here.) On Sundays, I will post reflections on the Mass readings -- if I can find those files! Pray for me! ~~ Lynne Marie

The following reflections are about promises.

Promises made to you by God, and how you can enter into them. Promises made to God by you, and how you can fulfill them. The promises of Baptism.

All of the Good News is enfolded in the mystery of Baptism. If we understand Baptism we will understand what Jesus came to do­ and what we are called on and empowered to do as "members of his body" and sharers in his divine life.

The goal of these reflections is to help you understand, appreciate, and live the five mysteries, the five promises inherent in your Baptism.

Here, we will show you a simple-but meaningful-way to make your religion your way of life. To do it by simply making it your conscious focus in life to live out your Baptism.

Baptism is something all «spiritualities" in the Church have in common. A "spirituality" is simply a particular insightful way to live the life of grace “to the full.”'

The foundation of every spirituality in the Church is Baptism. That is just another way of saying that the foundation and goal of them all is living the "life of grace." Baptism is the sacrament that gave us a share in the divine life of God: the mystery we call "grace."

Baptism immerses us in five mysteries inherent in the life of grace. And explicitly committed us to living them out for the rest of our lives. No spirituality can ignore any one of the five consecrations and commitments of Baptism and be authentic. Every spirituality in the Church, and every particular «way of life:' necessarily includes them.

But sometimes they are not made the focus of explicit notice. And sometimes they are not sufficiently explained.

The following reflections hope to remedy that and so enrich the spiritual life and spirituality of every person in the Church. So let's ask the question that rules them all:

What were you promised at Baptism? Do you experience those promises as being fulfilled in your life? If not, how can you make that happen?

Reflections brought to you by the Immersed in Christ Ministry

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