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  • Father David M. Knight

Religion and Spirituality

Wednesday of week 7 in Ordinary Time, May 23, 2018

A common mistake—most deadly in religion—is to think in terms of “either-or” rather than “both-and.”

Either faith or reason. Obedience or responsible decision-making. Making liturgy reverent or relevant. Being loyal or critical, prayerful or productive. Dealing with Jesus as human or divine. The answer to all of these is “both-and.”

Likewise, there is no choice between “religion” and “spirituality.”

“Spirituality” is personal interaction with God. Our “spiritual life” begins when we realize something is going on between ourselves and God, and decide to get involved in it.

“Religion” involves doctrines, rules, and practices. These are essential to bring spirituality down to earth. Not to define what is true and commit to what is good in specific, concrete terms is to shirk human responsibility.

Religion without spirituality is not divine. Spirituality without religion is not human.

ACTION: Try to give human expression to everything you believe.

PRAYER: “And the Word was made flesh.”


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