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  • Father David M. Knight

The Fruit of the Gifts

Saturday, 7th week of Easter, May 19, 2018

All the Gifts bear all the Fruits. But trying to match them brings out particular facets in each:

Wisdom—always desiring the end, looking for union with God—is Love.

Understanding and Knowledge give Joy by clarifying what we believe and how to benefit by it.

Counsel gives the Peace of good and satisfying decisions.

Piety helps us extend to everyone the Patience and Kindness we have for family members.

Courage supports Faithfulness to our relationship with God and empowers Generosity.

Fear (Awe) of the Lord as All Truth, Goodness and Power, by taking away fear of everything else, encourages Gentleness and the Self-Control of total surrender to God.

So there are three groups:

Love, Joy, and Peace should be the constant aura that surrounds us.

When mistreated, we show Patient Endurance by responding with acts of Kindness and Generosity.

Through Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control/Surrender we reveal Christianity as personal relationship with God.

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